Black Pearls Talk…

Dear Friend:

If you have received the attached link from the Black Pearls Society, Inc., “Beyond This Moment” series invite, it means that you are either a friend or partner of the Racial Equity Institute. We are excited to invite you and all of your alumnae, staff and your own local partners to join us for this groundbreaking experience. The series will explore the plethora of community and institutional organizing efforts being engaged across the US by groups who have employed a racial equity lens and the REI Groundwater Approach. The series is scheduled over the next twelve weeks running from May until August and will be hosted and facilitated each Thursday from 1:30pm-3:00pm. We will be engaging with groups from North Carolina, Florida, New York, Indiana, California, Puerto Rico, Texas, Tennessee, with organizers from urban, suburban and rural communities. So many of you have asked as you have experienced the REI analysis, how are other groups organizing with this analysis? Well, this will be a golden opportunity to hear and experience firsthand those efforts. We hope to have you join us.

Deena Hayes, Greene, Co-chair
Monica F. Walker, Co-Chair