Black Pearls

Black Pearls hold each other up and hold each other accountable to uphold our mission

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The Black Pearls Society

The Black Pearls Society is a think tank of black, politically engaged women who...

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We're Here For You

We're here for you, we have 7 strategic initiatives used to accomplish our mission and purpose.

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Black Pearls take pride in who they are as well as being a part of an exclusive society.

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Educate and Inform

We educate and inform each other as well as others in society of the things that we as a society find important.

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With different Pearl Levels, we boast of sisters in all age ranges who are Black Pearls

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Rare, Brilliant, Exquisite

Welcome to The Black Pearls Society

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From grandmothers, mothers, and daughters, we pass down wisdom and knowledge through the generations.

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 We are The Black Pearls Society. We’re happy to have you here. Please have a look around to get to know who we are. We intend to nurture the sisterhood in you, educate you, and we hope to have your commitment to sustaining the results of the hard work that our Pearls Of Inspiration before us put in and also the work that we will put in together.  . 

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We must nurture each other in the spirit of sisterhood if we want to get ahead and stay there. 

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We have been miseducated about ourselves for far too long. We will educate our sisters in a way that will benefit the community as a whole. 

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All of the work is for nothing if we do not sustain the efforts of our sisters, past and present. 

Founded 2019

Greensboro, NC


The Black Pearls Society is a sisterhood created to nurture, train, and sustain the culture of the strong Black woman in generations of women of all ages. We believe that women play a significant role in today’s society of  racism and other “isms” and we intend to define that role, accept that role, and persevere in that role while educating the future generations to do the same until those “isms” are a thing of the past.