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What Is The Black Pearls Society?

The Black Pearls Society is a sisterhood created to nurture, train, and sustain the culture of the strong Black woman in generations of women of all ages. We believe that women play a significant role in today’s society of inequities and we intend to define that role, accept that role, and persevere in that role while educating future generations to do the same until those inequities are a thing of the past.

We are Black, politically engaged women.  Our purpose is to address structural and institutional racism across the globe.  We have committed our skills, talents and resources to organizing and advocating for racial equity and justice in every facet of our lives, our careers and our social networks.  Black Pearls Society represents women from all walks of life. We recognize that we possess the collective power to effectively change our lives, our conditions, structural arrangements, and institutions. We create and support agendas that promote racial equity.