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The Black Pearls Society is founded upon initiatives of community involvement, sisterhood, and prosperity. These are our  Strategic Imperatives that we use to accomplish the feat. 

Black Pearls Society Strategic Imperatives

The Black Pearl PAC is one of our most powerful tools of advocacy and organization.  In November of 2018, women placed decisively in political contests across the nation. These elections increased the power and leverage of women to influence the local and national political landscape in unprecedented ways.  Black Pearls Society will operate political committees as a feature of  all of our community bases and use these political arms to leverage accountability from persons seeking to secure the voting bloc that is Black women.

Dinners with Data is a premier offering of the Black Pearls Society and is the key local organizing tool for promoting and engaging public discussion regarding issues affecting Black and Communities of Color. We believe in the power of public assembly and are excited about using dinner conversations as a way of helping educate people about the issues. Black Pearls will host and recruit other women to host these organizing opportunities that build our political base.

As the Black Pearls Society grows and expands each of local organizing committees will organize, sponsor and facilitate biennial city-wide forums to examine the state of the Black Community applying a racial equity lens to data collected from a cross sector of institutions. Among these healthcare and hospitals, social and human services, school districts, juvenile justice systems, banking and lending, housing and real estate and etc.

The Black Pearls Issues Agenda will operate an interactive data network inviting community people to share and engage in conversations addressing the issues that affect the health and welfare of communities of color.

Our strategic program designed to develop and prepare young women to understand the history, politics, social and economic implications of race.  Black Pearls Society is committed to educating leaders capable of creating an equitable and just society. We recognize are responding to the urgency of starting early with our youth.  We believe that what we learn first stays with us the longer.

On an annual basis, one of the Black Pearls Society chapters will host Pearls Jam. Our goal will be to celebrate and highlight the unsung heroes of local organizing, systems leadership, barrier busters, and icons of non-profit, corporate and spiritual leadership. To celebrate the summer and Juneteenth, The Black Pearls Society brings in a performer and special guests to bring awareness and celebrate the historic time of the year. Make Plans to Attend Here. 

2023 we will produce our 2nd Annual Pearl Jam, featuring Stockely. Stokley is a GRAMMY-nominated vocalist, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who is one of music’s best-kept secrets. He has worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Prince, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and more. He’s known best as the lead singer and drummer for the legendary R&B group Mint Condition. In 2017, Stokley embarked on a new solo journey with the release of his debut album, Introducing Stokley, which produced two top-five Billboard singles, “Organic” and “Level”. Purchase your tickets here

Our health and well-being are of the utmost importance to the overall organization.  Nothing else in the organization works without it.  Therefore, we place as a priority agenda item the facilitation of opportunities to that help us to prioritize our health and general welfare. Black Pearls currently serves as a sponsor of the Women’s Wellness Weekend and this event serves as an annual check-in on the health and well-being of our members.