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Black Maternal & Infant Health Conference

The Black Pearls Society warmly invites you to our annual conference series that is dedicated to nurturing the well-being of Black mothers and infants.

Join us for a transformative experience that centers on the holistic health of Black mothers and infants, led by voices from within our community. Together, we will explore the intersection of maternal health and reproductive justice, empowering Black women to advocate for better outcomes through community activism and support.

At this conference, we will amplify the voices of Black women, birthing individuals, families, and local community advocates to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges surrounding maternal and infant health in our community. It is a space where we come together to address the disproportionate rates of maternal mortality within the Black community, standing united in our mission to create positive change.

We are excited to feature insightful keynote speakers, knowledgeable healthcare professionals, and passionate advocates who are dedicated to addressing the ongoing crisis of Black maternal mortality. Join us as we work towards building a future where every Black mother and infant receives the care and support they deserve.

View Last Year’s Event Booklet Here

Check back soon for speaker announcements, sponsorship opportunities, and ticket information.